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Garden pests – what’s really there?

I’m quite active in my garden these days, mainly because I’m retired and have the time, but also because a year or so ago I was given seeds and later I had my landscape done and planted many, many new plants. Now, my garden – both landscape plants and planter boxes – is thriving, but so are the pests! Everyday I seem to encounter a new microscopic creature has taken root (or leaf or flower or ..) in my garden! How can this be – how do they find these plants so quickly? My tomatoes have black leaf fungus, my peach tree has leaf curl, my chives have aphids and my sunflowers have something I can’t figure out. These manifested by chewing the leaves voraciously – one day a small notch, the next day, several chunks! Something was quickly eating the leaves and the only thing I could see were ants. I read up on it – and found that the ants are not the eaters – they are looking for the product of the eaters: sap from aphids. I couldn’t see aphids anywhere! But then I brought a piece in and checked under my foldscope:

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