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7 Days Left

So I try to challenge myself,

is it possible for nobody guys realistically turn 1 USD to 50 K USD in a year?

Here’s the plan i think

1 Year = 365 Days

1 Week = 5 Days Full Grind, 1 Days Documentation and Evaluation, 1 Days for Rest and Check Advice or viewer comment

So what will i do?

in this 7 Days before start i believe for nobody guys like me need to use everything i have because i’m not rich, my parent is worker class, and yeah i’m just unemployed, so here’s the plan :

  • 7 Days Left or today : Assets Listing and Make a Description for it
  • 6 Days Left : Make a content Creation Plan and made it Real use Time Tracking so i can benchmark myself
  • 5 Days Left : 1 by 1 Use my Assets to make it Usefull, i believe my domain must be done before i start it
  • 4 Days Left : Prepare all my weapon for war all of it from my assets and skills
  • 3 Days Left : Executing Content, make my bots and content Planing for next week
  • 2 Days Left : Scrap and analysis my Target
  • 1 Days Left : Find the contact and make a mappings
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