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Introducing My Parent and my Cat

Hello there with Danz again today i’ll introduce my parent let’s call him a super dad, he’s really awesome father even i can’t describe anything other than his awesomeness

let me tell u some dark story but it’s a good lesson

my parent is not someone who rich from start or someone who have a chance to become some succesfull people but his tenacity is the only 1 skills i envy

in my family we already drop to the lowest point and sit in the highest point, my dad start from a Tempe(Soybean Cake) Seller, a books seller, a sales manager, a challanger for Politics (this is the most hardest point in our life), open business, learn tech, learn design, everything from scratch without google help.

i’ll tell 1 by 1 story in later post

and hey it’s jacky, his not special cat or high price cat his just your daily cat that you can see anywhere, but even tough his just a normal cat his smart, loyal, and a hunter, know what to do and not well i’ll tell you guys about jacky in jacky special post

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